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Today’s growing complexities in societies have raised demand for reliable and tailor made security solutions. It has become critical to develop a strong external security mechanism, which concentrates on vigilance, assesses activities and monitors movement of people. By keeping focus on these market drivers, 3K security services is refining its services to offer innovative, tailored and cost effective solutions that will benefit the customers.


3K SECURITY SERVICES provides a complete range of security services and solutions to meet client's specific needs during Corporate Events, Entertainment, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Sports Events, Trade Shows & Exhibitions and Annual General Meetings.


3K SECURITY SERVICES offer an array of employment background checks and pre employment screening services to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is an entry level employment screening or a more comprehensive professional level program, our team customizes solutions appropriate for any organization or industry varying in hiring policy and budget.

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About Us

3K SECURITY SERVICES established on 2015. The concern is run by highly experienced professionals who have more than 5 years experience in the security field.

3K SECURITY SERVICES provides a kaleidoscope of specialized services which include uniformed guarding services, Private Detective endeavors & Site Patrolling etc. It has a team of security expertise personnel who control and watch over the operations and administrations to make the services of the concern as the best service providers.

It has always been our endeavors to be innovative productive, positive and quality conscious so that we effectively provide you tailor made services as to your necessity and requirement and take of your stress.

3K SECURITY SERVICES brings the industry an international standard of services. We at 3K SECURITY SERVICES provides perfect training to our staff which enables them to function in their specific areas to the satisfaction of our client.


We strongly believe that our guards are ambassadors and therefore their performance and personality reflect upon our Standards. To ensure that the guards match up to the high Standards in quality, all our guards have to undergo a selection process where they are screened for their qualities of intelligence, interest, courtesy, integrity and motivation and individuals who can operate under stressful situation and communicate well.


We have established Training School in Coimbatore manned by ex-Defense officers imparting basic training to the newly recruited guards. In addition, Refresher training of one to two days is also organized for the experienced security personnel. On the job training is however inbuilt. Training pertaining to company profile, drill, Standing Order Procedures, Fire Fighting Drill alo


Adapting to the special needs of our client’s and individualizing our services is our company policy. Hence guards are recruited for each Post, keeping in mind the personality and profile desired by the client. Our essential recruitment requirements are as follows:
  • Must be physically fit and mentally robust.
  • Minimum height should be 5'6".
  • hould be minimum matriculate but Intermediates are preferred and age in the span of 35-50 years.
  • Should be able to read and write in Tamil & English and should have a high level of IQ.
  • Must have reliable references.

Our Style of Service


To ensure high degree of alertness, a system of surprise checks has been instituted. Gracious systems of Internal Audit under Manager (Ops) of the region, who ensure prompt action for smooth functioning. Manager Operations check all posts of their zones at least twice in a week.


To preclude the possibility of complacency and avoid over familiarization, the guards are rotated on regular basis. However, in case of specific request from the client, a guard may be permitted to continue over the stipulated time.


We have a dedicated force of field Supervisors who carry out checking of all posts 5 to 7 times a week, including night checking. Supervisors render a regular report on the performance of each post.


We demand periodic feedback from the clients, so that we will ensure the quality of our services. If we receive any negative feedback, we will make it as positive by providing quality service.



  • Ensure Safety and protection of the client’s property, materials, vehicles etc.
  • Report all security violation to the client and suggest suitable counter measures.
  • Deny entry to the unwanted or unauthorized person through breaking or regular entrance.
  • Keep common areas and surrounding under constant surveillance for any security violation.
  • Received and guide patrons as per the advice of the client.
  • Deny access to person desired by the client.
  • Keep a close watch on suspicious elements.


Managing Partners

Mr. Kumar

Mr. Karthic

Mr. Keerthi Prabhu